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There are several innovation methodologies reported in the literature starting from simple concepts such as technology push and market pull all the way to Disruptive innovation. Almost all these methods do not provide for customizability and extensibility. The method described in this paper is called Quick and Dirty Innovation Method or QaDIM in short to represent the fact that the method can be used rather easily to identify incremental innovation opportunities. The paper will first describe the basic concept, and then proceed to give a sample framework before proceeding to describe the extensibility. The method allows firms and individuals to define new operators as well as select operators from an existing operator base thereby offering both extensibility and customizability.


Framework, extensible, incremental, innovation, identifying, selecting


Computer Sciences | Technology and Innovation

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Information Systems and Management


International Society for Professional Innovation Management Innovation Symposium, Seoul, Korea, 9-12 December 2012

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Seoul, Korea

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