International Talent Management Practices in Emerging Market Firms: The Indian Human Capital Paradox

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Conference Paper

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With a national agenda of developing local talent that has been in many ways able to serve the world, Indian firms are faced with a paradox of considering the talent they need beyond their borders. Questions related to the international talent practices emerge as Indian firms face the challenge of growing globally. To help address these questions, we share a framework for international talent management as a basis for collecting qualitative data from both Indian companies growing in international markets, as well as international MNCs operating in the Indian market. This inductive, qualitative research of the international talent management practices will provide insight for practitioners and researchers alike to enhance not only strategy execution but also the formulation of more local market effective business strategies.


Human Capital, India, Talent Management, Cross Border Leadership


Human Resources Management | Strategic Management Policy

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Strategy and Organisation


Strategic Management Society India Special Conference 2013, December 16-18

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Delhi, India