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Nonprofit organizations are valued because they provide services that address unmet needs. Non-profit organizations who engage in social entrepreneurship augment their contributions through the new services, programs, enterprises and revenue generated. It is not surprising, therefore, for policy makers to encourage social entrepreneurship, social innovations and social enterprises. Such an initia-tive was introduced in Singapore recently. However, not all nonprofit organizations seek to innovate or create social enterprises. They may continue to devote themselves to their specific fields and exist-ing practices. Entrepreneurship research suggests that under certain conditions, organizations engage in entrepreneurship through new ventures, projects, and innovations. Hence, it is of interest when in-cumbent nonprofit organizations will engage in social entrepreneurship; what influences their deci-sions or intentions to create social enterprises. This paper describes the social enterprise scene in Sin-gapore and reports an exploratory study on the intentions of Singapore nonprofit organizations to initi-ate social enterprises and the influence of their organizational attributes on these intentions.


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Nonprofit Administration and Management

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Strategy and Organisation


Rencontres de St-Gall 2010, September 6-8 2010, St Gallen

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St Gallen, Switzerland

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