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There has been tremendous interest in diffusion of innovations or information in a social system. Nowadays, social networks (offline as well as online) are considered as important medium for diffusion and large amount of research has been conducted to understand the dynamics of diffusion in social networks. In this work, we review some of the models proposed for diffusion in social networks. We also highlight the major features of these models by dividing the surveyed models into two categories: non-network and network diffusion models. The former refers to user communities without any knowledge about the user relationship network and the latter is more applicable to the social networks where user relationships network are given (e.g., blog networks). These findings aim at providing a clear, systematic view on existing models. Moreover, we strive to show the connections among these models. Finally, our survey also helps to review what have been achieved in this area and what may need to be improved.


Databases and Information Systems | Social Media

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Data Management and Analytics


International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries 13th ICADL 2011, October 24-27

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Beijing, China

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