Understanding Interpersonal Trust in a Confucian Influenced Society: An Exploratory Study

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Conference Paper

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Adopting a qualitative methodology, this exploratory study examined the construct of trust and its factors of trustworthiness as perceived in a Confucian-influenced society. The findings of our study indicated that there are emic differences in the meaning of trust as perceived in a Confucian-influenced setting. Specifically, we found a heavy reliance on affective factors of trustworthiness in the decision to trust. In addition, we found a number of factors unique to the context that facilitates the development of trust: diligence, perseverance, filial piety, thriftiness, respect for authority, a shared value of collective effort, harmonious relationship in the office, humbleness and magnanimous behavior. Implications are drawn and future research directions suggested.


Organizational Behavior and Theory

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Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources


Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, Sydney, 16-19 November 2001

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Sydney, Australia

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