Implementing Global Information Technology Product in a Localized Context: An Exploratory Study of ERP System Implementation in China

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This multiple-case study examines the phenomenon of implementing a global information technology product in a localized context. The study attempts to explore issues related to the localization experience encountered by ERP adopters in China. Specifically, the paper explores ERP system implementation in five organizations in China. Despite its potential, ERP is considered one of the most difficult systems to implement to date. The risk of implementing an ERP package in China is even higher due to the relatively backward, nonstandard management mechanisms and business processes operating in this environment. Taking into account these weaknesses, this paper argues that BPR could play a significant role in ERP deployment. As the concept of ERP is still new to Chinese enterprises, it is natural that relatively few organizations were found to have carried out BPR as a preparatory step for ERP implementation. By developing an understanding of the importance of BPR, we derive five important findings based on the case studies. These comprise what literature suggests as key issues for an ERP implementation and integrate what our research revealed as essential issues for organizations implementing a global IT product in a localized context.


Enterprise resource planning systems, business process reengineering, developing countries, multiple case study and global product.


Accounting | Management Information Systems

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Accounting Information System


IFIP Joint WG 8.2+9.4 Conference

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Athens, Greece

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