I Know What You Know: Effects of Knowledge Estimation on Message Construction and Comprehension

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Communication requires message formulation and comprehension. A series of studies demonstrated the important role played by knowledge estimation in the communication process. In two experiments, it was found that participants’ estimation of the relative distribution of knowledge of landmarks corresponded impressively with the actual distribution. Furthermore, the estimated knowledge predicted the length of the descriptions of and the frequency of naming the landmarks. In two other experiments, it was found that participants were accurate in estimating the relative distribution of judgment on the directness (indirectness) of an utterance. In addition, participants who estimated that their own directness judgment would not be in agreement with the majority of other participants took longer to make the corresponding directness ratings. These results are discussed with reference to the role of knowledge estimation in communication.


Communication | Psychology

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Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting 4th SPSP 2003, February 6-8

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Austin, TX

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