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Crowdsourcing is rapidly evolving and applied in situations where ideas, labour, opinion or expertise of large groups of people are used. Crowdsourcing is now used in various policy making initiatives; however, this use has usually been focused on open collaboration platforms and specific stages of the policy process such as agenda- setting and policy evaluations. Moreover, other forms of crowdsourcing have been neglected in policy making with a few exceptions. This article examines crowdsourcing as a tool for policy making and explores the nuances of the technology and its use and implications for different stages of the policy process. The article addresses questions around the role of crowdsourcing and whether it can be considered as a policy tool or a technology enabler.


Crowdsourcing, Public Policy, Policy Process, Policy cycle, Policy Instrument, Policy Tool, Open Collaboration, Virtual Labour Markets, Tournaments, Competition


Infrastructure | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation


3rd International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP3), Singapore, 2017 June 28-30


Singapore Academy of Law

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