Naked Ape, Naked Boss: The Man Behind the Singapore Zoo: Bernard Harrison

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Bernard Harrison: Naked Ape, Naked Boss: The Man Behind the Singapore Zoo

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Bernard Harrison is credited for having shaped the Singapore Zoo and creating the Singapore Night Safari. For nearly 30 years he was intimately involved and engaged with the transformation and creative developments of these nature parks. Harrison's story is also the fascinating story of a young man coming to Singapore from the UK and becoming an integral part of the Singaporean landscape. His is a unique journey because his interests, engagements and passions go way beyond the spheres linked to the zoo and Night Safari. He is also a writer, an ardent believer in the freedom of articulation of ideas and passionate about living life to the full. Throughout his life, he has championed the cause of those who seek freedoms to live life the way they want. Of course, in much of this, he has been provocative and his journey has not always been very smooth. In a sense he represents the journeys many creatives are familiar with. This book explores Harrison's journey and focuses on the critical phases which served as moments of reckoning. In both the personal and the professional fields, his positioning of certain beliefs and value-systems will be put in context by the interview-questions/responses and readers will be made aware of the intimate drivers of his passions.


Bernard Harrison, Singapore Zoological Gardens, Singapore Night Safari


Asian Studies | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration

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