EU mediation law handbook: Regulatory robustness ratings for mediation regimes

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EU Mediation Law Handbook offers a highly effective way to analyse the quality and robustness of each of the EU’s twenty-nine national jurisdictions’ legal frameworks relevant to mediation (including legislation, case law, practice directions, codes of conduct, standards, and other regulatory instruments) and factor such an analysis into choices about governing law in mediation clauses and other agreements. Mediation is rapidly becoming a norm in cross-border dispute resolution among EU Member States. Accordingly, an important question for legal advisers to ask themselves is: Which jurisdiction offers the best legal framework to support a potential future mediation of my client’s dispute? This book responds to this question by examining the law of mediation in each Member State on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Each country analysis is based on the book’s overarching principle of a specially designed Regulatory Robustness Rating System, which is thoroughly explained in the introductory chapter.


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