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This interim report on legal barriers to doing business in ASEAN coincides with the50th Anniversary of ASEAN’s founding and the first year of the ASEAN EconomicCommunity (AEC). The team is privileged to be supported by, among others, theCanada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC), given that it is also the 40th anniversary ofdialogue relations between Canada and ASEAN. Despite occasional misgivings about the “ASEAN Way”, ASEAN economic integrationhas come a very long way. The number of member States has grown over the 50years since ASEAN’s founding, and the joint efforts among these States drivingeconomic growth and integration in the region have been notable.1 Laws havechanged, new institutions and processes have sprung up. Guided by blueprints andaction plans, ASEAN is moving increasingly towards being a rules-based economicgroup. As global uncertainties continue to grow, ASEAN has an important role in unlockingmore economic opportunities for its businesses and its citizens. One area where thisobjective can be advanced is through addressing legal barriers which contribute tobusiness costs in ASEAN. This study, due to be fully completed in the second quarter of 2018, examines businessconcerns through a legal lens, to identify key legal barriers to trade and investment inASEAN. Research is being carried out in four main areas: Corporate laws; Trade and investment laws; Land Laws; and Dispute settlement laws and processes. This interim report records a number of key common themes which have surfaced,including the complexity and number of laws, uncertainty of laws, implementation ofexisting laws and regional agreements and access to legal information. Such issuescan contribute to increased business costs and possibly deter or delay businessactivity. The aim is for the recommendations in this report to be considered by policymakersto further improve the business laws and processes in ASEAN.


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