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Op-ed about being Singaporean, in our historic 2015 elections.

"In the midst of our historic elections, I would like to remind Singaporeans that there remains a wider world out there. That our concerns about CPF money, high housing prices, rising income inequality, foreign workers, transportation woes, and the AHPETC saga, while important, are nonetheless First World problems. We have the luxury of arguing about them because we don’t have to worry about the fundamental problems of survival. Literally.

Thus, as we consider what we would like our country to look like in the coming years, I suggest that we first contemplate the concepts of grace and gratitude. Not towards any specific political party, or any particular god, religion, or credo, but just grace and gratitude. For what is. For what we have, and what we don’t have. (Like war. Or famine. That kind of thing.)"


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