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Despite a slowdown in China’s GDP growth from the double-digit heights of the last decade, it is still expanding at over 7% per annum – a growth rate that looks more sustainable. Growth in the other major emerging economies including India, Brazil and Russia, by contrast, has all but collapsed, at least for the present. Growth in the developed economies, meanwhile, remains fragile in the wake of their post-2008 financial crisis recessions. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Boards of many foreign companies are counting on winning share in the China market to support their top-line growth in coming years. They should be in no doubt, however, that to do so will necessitate more and more of their high-value technologies, trade secrets and know-how being exposed to the risks and vagaries of the Chinese intellectual property (IP) environment.


intellectual property, China, intellectual property protection, technology innovations, trade secrets, risk mitigation


Asian Studies | Intellectual Property Law

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