Mergers and Acquisitions in Singapore: Law and Practice

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) form an integral part of economic activity in Singapore. This book helps satiate the demand for legal resources to support the M&A community in Singapore, more particularly the legal professionals. The goal in this book has been to address the needs of the professional and academic communities alike, which is manifested in its title that encompasses both “law and practice”. The book is intended to operate as an aid to M&A practitioners who are involved in the structuring and implementation of transactions. In addition, it is also aimed at litigation professionals whose services are drawn upon when an M&A deal is one that requires a ex ante sanction of the court of law or one that presents itself before a court due to disputes that require resolution. Apart from discussing the law and its implications on transactions, we make a conscious effort to distill the background and rationale to specific rules and principles and their evolution, which we believe will be of benefit to students and professionals seeking an initiation into the field of M&A. In certain areas, we also make normative observations about reforms that need to be introduced to the current legal regime, in the modest hope that the legislative reformers, the regulators and the courts may draw strands from these, as they may deem appropriate.


Mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, securities regulation, company law, Singapore


Asian Studies | Commercial Law

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