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This Special Issue of Econometric Reviews (ER) is a tribute to Esfandiar Maasoumi for his longstandingcontributions to the econometrics profession as an outstanding researcher, a revered teacher andsupervisor, and a journal editor of three decades, all of which manifests his extraordinary devotion tothe discipline of econometrics and to its growing community of students and scholars. Essie, as he isuniversally known to his friends, colleagues, and the international community, took on the editorshipof ER in 1987. At that point, as (very) senior members of the profession will remember, the journal hada paperback cover, no formal typesetting, only two small issues a year, and was no more than a reviewjournal.Much has changed in the intervening years. ER is now one of the top ve core journals in econometricswith a distinguished editorial board, a strong track record of path-breaking publications, and the backingof a major publishing house. As editor, Essie has guided the path of ER through these changes and builta publishing culture that has brought ER into the front rank of journals. In an age where many journaleditor communications read like automated mechanical exercises, Essie’s editorial letters show sensitivityto authors, empathy for the research eortthat has gone into a paper, and an understanding of its subject,history, and motivation.This Special Issue honors Essie for his sustained guidance of ER over the past three decades, for hisscholarship and learning that have contributed to our knowledge of econometrics and its limitations,and for his unwavering support for the econometrics community. Thanks to its many contributors, thisissue has an impressive range of new research that covers many of the ongoing areas of econometrics,including Essie’s own past and recent work. Essie’s long career began as a lecturer in econometrics at the University of Birmingham in the UnitedKingdom as he was nishing his PhD at the London School of Economics under Denis Sargan in 1977.In 1978, Essie moved to the United States, rst to the University of Southern California. After spellsteaching at Iowa, Indiana, and Southern Methodist Universities, he joined Emory University, where hecurrently serves as Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor. Over his career, Essie has collaboratedand coauthored with an unusually large number of researchers across the discipline, many of whomhave joined us with contributions in enthusiastic support of this Special Issue of ER.



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