Integrate Artificial Intelligence Techniques into Financial Investment Information System

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Conference Paper

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With the globalization and integration of world financial markets, the success in information system has become a critical issue for financial investment institutes. Information system support has started to encompass the whole range of operational and decision-making activities in investment and financial industry. In this study, we take the challenge by integrating artificial intelligent techniques into the framework of the financial management information system. Specifically, we address the effectiveness of neural networks based trading strategy decision support system and discuss how it could be integrated into the information system to improve uncovering accurate trading signals and maximize trading profits. Our results shed light on the potential value of neural networks in financial management information system, by discovering patterns and trading signals in noisy and dynamic financial data and by integrating with other decision support systems in making a more optimized trading strategy.


Corporate Finance | Management Information Systems | Portfolio and Security Analysis

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Accounting Information System


2006 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

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4067 - 4072