Towards a Stakeholder Analysis of Information Systems Development Project Abandonment

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Conference Paper

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This study adopts a stakeholder analysis to examine stakeholders’ roles and contributions in influencing organizational decisions to abandon information systems (IS) development projects. To do so, we adapted from Freeman’s (1984) work and developed a theoretical assessment framework to organize and interpret data, and define avenues (five propositions were proposed) for further research into IS project abandonment. By providing a better understanding of the project stakeholders’ perception, expectations and their interrelationship, this study provides practitioners with useful insights on how to manage stakeholders in IS development projects. Our contribution lies in the development of a project abandonment review model that adds a stakeholder perspective.


Information systems development project abandonment, Stakeholder analysis, Case research approach.


Accounting | Management Information Systems

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Accounting Information System


ECIS 2003: The 11th European Conference on Information Systems

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Naples, Italy

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