Accounting Students' Perceptions of a Learning Management System: An International Comparison

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Conference Paper

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The impact and use of technology on learning outcomes for accounting students is not well understood. This study investigated impact of design features of an ‘off the shelf’ Learning Management System (LMS)1 in teaching undergraduate accounting students. Specifically, responses elicited from students located in the UK, Australia and New Zealand form the basis of the study which reports on a number of design features in the LMS (e.g. delivery of lecture notes, announcements, on-line assessment and model answers) used to deliver learning materials regarded as necessary to enhance learning outcomes. Responses from 825 on-campus students provided international data to develop a model to explain enhanced student motivation. The final model shows student satisfaction with the use of an LMS is associated with five variables: lecture notes availability, online assessment, announcements, model answers, and online chat.


Accounting | Higher Education and Teaching


2007 AFAANZ Conference

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