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The scale and complexity of challenges facing the world today are unprecedented. It is paramount thatuniversities identify and equip students with relevant skills to meet the needs of the changingeconomy. Recognizing this need, Singapore Management University launched a new initiative, SMUX.In this paper we will describe SMU-X which is a paradigm shift focusing on experiential learning asopposed to teaching, characterized by 4 principles: (i) inter-disciplinary content and activities, (ii)project-based learning via an actual problem/issue faced by an organization, (iii) active studentmentoringby faculty and industry, and (iv) creating a tripartite learning loop between faculty, studentand industry partner. Every SMU-X course lets students collaborate to tackle multi-disciplinary issuesfaced by partner organizations that even faculty may not have a solution to.This paper will also discuss the challenges, benefits and lessons learned of establishing such aninnovative learning initiative within a traditional University.


innovative teaching, learning metodologies, innovative and effective teaching, experientiallearning


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International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning 3rd ICTEL 2018, Dubai, UAE, February18-19


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Dubai, UAE

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