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The word “Management” in the name of our university was carefully and deliberately chosen to address the needs of institutions and decisionmakers across all segments of society: business enterprises and the private sector, government and the public sector, and civil society and the people sector. Unless you are already familiar with the breadth and depth of research output from Singapore Management University (SMU), you would naturally assume that we were a “management” university that was focusing exclusively on business – in essence, a large business school. The reality is quite different.

Through this book, you will gain a more complete understanding of the research dimension of SMU. You will see how we have grown, since our founding in the year 2000, into a university focused on Management, Social Sciences, and Technology, and their intersections.

This book is organised into four sections. The first section, “Management and the Social Sciences”, features the work of researchers from our Lee Kong Chian School of Business, our School of Social Sciences and our School of Information Systems. The second section, “Accounting, Finance and Economics”, features the work of researchers from our School of Accountancy, the Lee Kong Chian School of Business, and the School of Economics. The third section, “Law, Management & Society”, features the work of researchers from our School of Law. The last section, “Information Systems & Smart Cities Transformation”, features the work of researchers from our School of Information Systems and our Lee Kong Chian School of Business.

Each section starts with a foreword that introduces the theme and provides a capsule summary of each article. The articles have been deliberately/expressly crafted to be accessible, easy to understand and fun to read.

These summaries of our research work will help you understand what “Management” means in the SMU context. It is the management of business enterprises as well as the management of public sector and people issues. It is understanding the behaviour of individuals and groups, the behaviour of organisations, as well as the behaviour of industries, legal systems, markets, economies and global networks. It is about creating computing capability and deploying information technology to help understand how people behave, as well as to improve organisational and societal performance. It is about facilitating the entrepreneurial spirit and efforts in putting people, institutions, technology and capital together in new ways to drive change across the private, public or civil sectors.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Business | Computer Sciences | Higher Education | Law | Scholarship of Teaching and Learning | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Research@SMU: Connecting the dots


MILLER, Steven; JOSHI, Havovi; LEE, Vanessa




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