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The interview with Hwang Soo Chiat covered:first involvement with SMU, roles and responsibilities, first classes, teaching pedagogy, pioneer students, student interaction, student recruitment, parent interaction, commencement, milestones.


Associate Professor of Accounting, SMU, 2000–present

Member of SMU start-up team

Professor Hwang Soo Chiat is one of the SMU ‘pioneers’, a member of the start-up team for Singapore’s third university. Today he is an associate professor of accounting at SMU. In December 2005, he was named Outstanding Teacher in the School of Accountancy. His research interests are in the use of accounting ratios for prediction of bankruptcy of companies, corporate governance, behavioural accounting, and changing cultural values in Singapore.

Professor Hwang joined the National University of Singapore as a lecturer in 1979. Later, he became an associate professor at Nanyang Technological University where he taught at both the graduate and undergraduate level. His administrative appointments with Nanyang Technological University included head of the division of marketing and business policy, and head of two centres—the School of Accountancy and Business Research Centre and Entrepreneurship Engineering Research Centre.

Professor Hwang has extensive experience in consulting and executive teaching and his clients include the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore, Ministry of Finance (Singapore), Singapore Technologies Pte Ltd, and Singapore Turf Club.

He received his bachelor’s in accounting from the then University of Singapore; master’s degree in economics from Monash University, Australia; and his PhD from Macquaries University, Australia. Professor Hwang is a chartered management accountant (UK) and a fellow certified public accountant (Singapore).


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