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Singapore Management University, SMU, Steve Miller, history, university founding, beginnings, university administration, university admissions, information technology, School of Information Systems, Ronald Frank, Carnegie Mellon University CMU, business school, software application to business domain, National University of Singapore NUS School of Computing, Nanyang Technological University NTU School of Computer Engineering, management of information systems, industry involvement, industry interaction, business-oriented IT professional, university admissions, marketing, university curriculum, college teaching, case method, pedagogy, classroom design, small class size, seminar style teaching, student development, non-passive learning, creative thinking, decision making skills, confident graduates, leraning outcomes, autonomous university, successful experiment, quality of graduates, research faculty, postgradudate programme, Master of IT in Business (Financial Services), undergraduates, Master of Applied Finance, outlier, Singapore education, American-style education


The interview covered: first involvement with SMU, setting up School of Information Systems, collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, industry relations, student interaction, faculty research, graduate placement, postgraduate programs.


Founding Dean, School of Information Systems, SMU, 2002–present

Professor Steven Miller is founding dean of the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University, a position he has held since December 2002. Since joining SMU, he has concentrated on developing all aspects of the School of information Systems, including undergraduate and post-graduate educational programmes, research strategies and capabilities, interactions with external stakeholders, and the school’s relationship with Carnegie Mellon. Through LiveLabs, iCity Lab, the Living Analytics Research Centre (a five-year collaborative effort between SMU and Carnegie Mellon University), Professor Miller has played a significant role in establishing business, consumer and social analytics as a university-wide area of excellence.

Professor Miller frequently serves on Singapore Government and industry committees tasked to create or evaluate information and communications technology, interactive and digital media initiatives, and to assess workforce needs. Through these forums, he has contributed to Singapore’s efforts to strengthen national capabilities in the areas of business, social and contextual analytics, cloud computing, financial sector technology and operations, and information security. He also contributes regularly to national initiatives to promote infocomm-related education and interest in infocomm careers.

Prior to joining SMU, Professor Miller served as chief architect executive for the business consulting services unit of IBM Global Services in Asia-Pacific. He has held senior positions in technology, management and consulting with Fujitsu Ltd (Japan) and RWD Technologies in the US. He started his career as an assistant professor, with a joint appointment in Carnegie Mellon University’s engineering college and business school, investigating the impacts of computer-integrated manufacturing and industrial robotic applications.

He earned a bachelor of engineering degree in systems science and engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He holds a master of science in statistics as well as a PhD in engineering and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University, USA.


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