HCL: A Specification Language for Hierarchical Text Classification

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Hierarchical text classification refers to assigning text documents to the categories in a given category tree based on their content. With large number of categories organized as a tree, hierarchical text classification helps users to find information more quickly and accurately. Nevertheless, hierarchical text classification methods in the past have often been constructed in a proprietary manner. The construction steps often involve human efforts and are not completely automated. In this paper, we therefore propose a specification language known as HCL (Hierarchical Classification Language) . HCL is designed to describe a hierarchical classification method including the definition of a category tree and training of classifiers associated with the categories. Using HCL, a hierarchical classification method can be materialized easily with the help of a method generator system.


Databases and Information Systems | Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

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Data Management and Analytics


2nd International Workshop on Cooperative Internet Computing (CIC 2002), in Conjunction with the International Conference on Very Large Databases

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Hong Kong

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