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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technique has been widely accepted as wireless identification standard in the business world. While RFID technique enables efficient collection of identification information, it also introduces new security risk due to the emerging of RFID malwares. This risk becomes increasingly severe due to the adoption of internet in RFID applications (e.g., track and trace in EPCglobal network) and the use of mobile devices as RFID readers. The prior work to defend the threat of RFID malwares has mainly focused on the protection of front-end tag-reader communications and back-end database systems. Less work has been conducted to defend against RFID malwares in a systematic manner. In particular, no work has investigated RFID malwares on mobile devices that are connected to the internet. In this paper, we survey the state of the art in research on RFID and mobile malwares. The major challenges are identified in the research. To defend against RFID malwares on mobile devices, we propose an extended threat model, a basic anti-malware framework, and a list of intrusion detection techniques for future research.


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Workshop on RFID Security 5th RFIDsec 2009 Asia, January 9-11

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Taipei, Taiwan

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