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Ask any student at the Singapore Management University (SMU) toname one of the most practical and useful courses offered by theuniversity. The answer would inevitably include CAT. CAT stands forthe "Computer as an Analysis Tool" course. Originally based on acourse of the same title offered by the Wharton Business School, thefocus of CAT was shifted to provide business students the essentialpractical skills and necessary “real-world” exposure to better usepersonal computers for resolving business problems. The course isbasically centred on using the Excel spreadsheet to work onambiguous ill-defined problems (Leong & Cheong, 2009). Over theyears, three editions of a textbook have been written to cover themajor topics in spreadsheet modelling emphasising the problems,principles and practice perspective (Leong & Cheong, 2015), includingall the models that were built and for more than 100 problems.


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

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Intelligent Systems and Decision Analytics


Mobilising diverse community assets to meet social needs, an IPS Exchange Series, No. 12 (Oct 2017)


Justin Lee, Mathew Mathews, Robyn Tan

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The Institute of Policy Studies.

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