A conceptual framework for analyzing students' feedback

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Inacademic institutions it is normal practice that at the end of each term,students are required to complete a questionnaire that is designed to gather students’perceptions of the instructor and their learning experience in the course. Thisquestionnaire comprises of Likert-scale questions and qualitative questions.One of the important goals of this exercise is to enable the instructor and thesenior management to examine the feedback and then enhance students’ learningexperience. In most universities, including our own, a lot of attention is paidto the quantitative feedback, which is summarized and statistical comparisonsare computed, analysed and presented. However, the qualitative comments givenby the students are not fully tapped. Capturing and analysing the qualitativefeedback data, at the individual course, school and university-level, canprovide valuable insights on teaching practices and curriculum. In this paper,we propose a conceptual framework for student feedback analysis that provides thenecessary structure for implementing a prototype tool for mining studentcomments. We then discuss the application of the tool to analyse feedback fromselected courses.


Digital Communications and Networking | Programming Languages and Compilers

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Learning and Information Systems Education


Proceedings of 47th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 2017 October 18-21

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