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We envision an integrated framework for supporting the development and deployment of human-aware, general artificial intelligence (AI) that needs to collaborate in uncertain, changing environments. We examine the technology and system requirements of building assistive care agents for dementia or cognitive impaired patients through the continuum of care. We summarize the new AI capabilities and show examples of how an evolving, adaptive development approach would be able to support the basic functionalities and applications in a sound, practical, and scalable manner. We highlight the challenges and the opportunities involved in realizing the proposed framework, and call for future research and development efforts from the AI community to work in this challenging and important domain.


Artificial general intelligence, collaborative agents, health care, dementia


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics | Medicine and Health Sciences

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Intelligent Systems and Decision Analytics


Workshops at 31st AAAI Conference on Artiifical Intelligence: AAAI Joint Workshop on Health Intelligence WS-17-09 2017, February 4-9

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