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Recent years have seen a surge of research on social recommendation techniques for improving recommender systems due to the growing influence of social networks to our daily life. The intuition of social recommendation is that users tend to show affinities with items favored by their social ties due to social influence. Despite the extensive studies, no existing work has attempted to distinguish and learn the personalized preferences between strong and weak ties, two important terms widely used in social sciences, for each individual in social recommendation. In this paper, we first highlight the importance of different types of ties in social relations originated from social sciences, and then propose anovel social recommendation method based on a new Probabilistic Matrix Factorization model that incorporates the distinction of strong and weak ties for improving recommendation performance. The proposed method is capable of simultaneously classifying different types of social ties in a social network w.r.t. optimal recommendation accuracy, and learning a personalized tie type preference for each user in addition to other parameters. We conduct extensive experiments on four real-world datasets by comparing our method with state-of-the-art approaches, and find encouraging results that validate the efficacy of the proposed method in exploiting the personalized preferences of strong and weak ties for social recommendation.


Social Recommendation, Personalization, Strong and Weak Ties, User Behavior Modeling


Databases and Information Systems | Theory and Algorithms

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Data Management and Analytics


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