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Service science perspectives highlight the central role of information technology (IT) in transforming the design and delivery of services. To discern the mechanisms through which IT impacts service innovation, we explore the dynamics of the relationship between enterprise IT and service architectures, and how these dynamics influence the performance of service innovation projects. We conducted six case studies to investigate how firms orchestrated service innovation, focusing on the design of the service architecture and its relationship to enterprise systems. We synthesize the case findings to develop a set of propositions on the antecedents and consequences of fit (or misfit) between service architecture and enterprise IT architecture. We then study how the case firms attempted to achieve congruence between the service and system architectures-both in design and in operation-by viewing the design moves they made as efforts to build and strike digital options.


Design moves, Digital options, IT architecture, Service design, Service innovation


Computer Sciences | Technology and Innovation

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Information Systems and Management


ICIS 2014: Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Information Systems: Auckland; New Zealand, December 14-17, 2014

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