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The advancement of IT has brought great deal of impact to both businesses and individuals such as increased business productivity and new type of digital communications and entertainment. Yet, IT is still in need of developing itself to enable firms’ requirement of enhancing business competence and satisfy customers’ growing expectations for new IT products and services. In line with the situation, there have been two emerging IT innovations that take more evolutionary features for both business and individual computing. For business computing, the concept of cloud computing has recently emerged and become commercialized to meet firms’ budget constraint and improve technology agility to speed up the deployment of their business strategies and operations. For individual computing, ever-improved technology feature such as miniaturization of computer hardware, increased processing power, and digital convergence has led to new era of smart device computing, a paradigm shift in which individuals get connected Internet every time and everywhere. This proposed study contains the above two IT evolutions as major research contexts and seeks to better understand its impact on a firm’s business productivity and consumer behavior in the market. More specifically, research objectives of the study is (1) to assess the new IT service model, cloud computing, from economics and organizational behavior perspectives and (2) to investigate dynamically changed consumer behaviors upon the new technology use such as smart device computing. Aligned with this mega direction, the proposed study consists of three sub-studies: (1) Economic Payoffs from Cloud Computing Deployment; (2) Organizational Use of Cloud Computing – Antecedents and Consequences; (3) Channel Disruption and Smart Device Effects on Info Goods Consumption. The subsets provide theoretical background and research model for each study subject, research method, and analysis results followed by implications for research and practice.


Technology and Innovation


32nd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2011)

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