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Communication is probably the most critical component of anorganization engaged in a crossborder collaboration. Today’s smart devicessubstantially contribute to such communication. Combined with social media,mobile communication technologies are becoming the main platform for many corefunctions within organizations. In this paper, we identified seven mediaidentifiable attributes: synchronicity (SYN), de-individuation and co-presence(DCP), accessibility readiness (ARD), cognizance of environment change (CEC),wearability-portability (WRB) modality-select (MDS) and visibility (VSB). Theseseven attributes significantly impact the course of mobile-mediatedcommunication. We believe that development of a theoretical perspective thatembraces the complexity of mobile-mediated communication is due in order tofully comprehend the mobile ecosystem that is upon us.


Computer Sciences | Databases and Information Systems

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Information Systems and Management


Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences



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Hawaii, US

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