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Motivating and engaging thecurrent generation of technology-savvy students and improving the quality oflearning is becoming more challenging with traditional instructional methods.Educational games and simulations are gaining more ground, both in formal andinformal learning environments. With experiential learning, learners canenhance their management skills and ability to make decisions by analyzingdifferent scenarios and paths that the project could have taken if specificdecisions were made during the project. This paper presents Scrum-X, acomputer-based simulation game to teach Scrum, an agile project managementmethodology, to graduates and professionals with IT background. In the game,players plan, execute and manage a software development project using Scrummethodology. Players will experience the entire Scrum process from Sprintplanning to Sprint execution and finally, Sprint review and retrospective. Apilot run was conducted with very promising results.


Scrum; Agile; Project Management; Experiential Learning; Simulation; Educational Games


Databases and Information Systems | Higher Education

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Intelligent Systems and Decision Analytics


The 7th International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics (ICETI 2016)



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Orlando, Florida, USA

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