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In a large indoor environment such as a sports arena or convention center, smooth egress of crowd after an event can be seriously affected if infrastructure such as elevators and escalators break down. In this paper, we propose a novel crowd simulator known as SIM-DISRUPT for simulating egress scenarios in non-emergency situations. To surface the impact of disrupted infrastructure on the egress of crowd, SIM-DISRUPT includes features that allow users to specify selective disruptions as well as strategies for controlling the distribution and egress choices of crowd. Using SIM-DISRUPT, we investigate effects of crowd distribution, egress choices and infrastructure disruptions on crowd egress time and measure efficacies of different egress strategies under various infrastructure disruption scenarios. A real-world inspired use case is used to demonstrate the usefulness of SIM-DISRUPT in planning egress under various operational conditions.


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics | Computer Sciences | Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering

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Intelligent Systems and Decision Analytics


WSC 2016: Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference 2016, 11-14 December, Washington DC



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Catonsville, MD

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