Sinabro: A smartphone-integrated opportunistic electrocardiogram monitoring system

Sungjun KWON
Dongseok LEE
Jeehoon KIM
Youngki LEE, Singapore Management University
Seungwoo KANG
Sangwon SEO
Kwangsuk PARK


In our preliminary study, we proposed a smartphone-integrated, unobtrusiveelectrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring system, Sinabro, which monitors a user’s ECG opportunisticallyduring daily smartphone use without explicit user intervention. The proposed system also monitorsECG-derived features, such as heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV), to support thepervasive healthcare apps for smartphones based on the user’s high-level contexts, such as stress andaffective state levels. In this study, we have extended the Sinabro system by: (1) upgrading the sensordevice; (2) improving the feature extraction process; and (3) evaluating extensions of the system.We evaluated these extensions with a good set of algorithm parameters that were suggested basedon empirical analyses. The results showed that the system could capture ECG reliably and extracthighly accurate ECG-derived features with a reasonable rate of data drop during the user’s dailysmartphone use.