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Embedding analytics is about integrating data analytics into operational systems that are part of an organization’s business processes. Currently, most organizations focus on automation business processes and enhancing productivity. However, going forward, in order to stay competitive, organizations have to go beyond automating their processes, by making them more intelligent, by embedding analytics into their processes and business applications. Therefore, there is need for enhancing the knowledge and skills of BPM professionals with know-how on improving a business process by embedding analytics into the workflow. In this paper contribution, the authors share their experience on how an existing process modelling, analysis and solution designing course was modified in order to incorporate the analytics component. The paper describes in detail the content, pedagogy, and lessons learned when introducing analytics into an existing business process modelling course. Thus providing one pathway for IS professors to adapt their current process modelling, enterprise systems and BPM courses to include analytics.


Course Design, Pedagogy, Process Modelling and Analysis Course, BPM, Embedded Analytics


Educational Methods | Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

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Learning and Information Systems Education; Software and Cyber-Physical Systems


Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference SIGED:IAIM: December 12-13, Fort Worth, TX



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Atlanta, GA

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