The Birth and Evolution of a Discipline Devoted to Information in Biomedicine and Health Care as Reflected in its Longest Running Journal

A. T. McCray
O. Gefeller
D. Aronsky
Tze-Yun LEONG, Singapore Management University
D. Bergemann
D. A. B. Lindberg
J. H. van Bemmel
R. Haux


Methods of Information in Medicine is the oldest international journal in biomedical informatics. The journal's development over the last 50 years correlates with the formation of this new discipline. It has and continues to stress the basic methodology and scientific fundamentals of organizing, representing and analysing data, information and knowledge in biomedicine and health care. It has and continues to stimulate multi-disciplinary communication on research that is devoted to high-quality, efficient health care, to quality of life and to the progress of biomedicine and the health sciences.