CS Cache Engine: Data Access Accelerator for Location-Based Service in Mobile Environments (demo)

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Location-based services (LBSs) have emerged as one of the killer applications for mobile and pervasive computing. Due to limited wireless channel bandwidth and scarce client resources, client-side data caching is essential to enhance the data availability and to improve the data access time. In this demonstration, we present a CS Cache Engine for LBS. The engine adopts our Complementary Space Caching (CS caching) scheme [3] that differs from conventional data caching schemes by preserving a global view of the database in the cache. The global view consists of cached objects and Complementary Regions (CRs) representing those objects in the server but not in the cache. The CS Cache Engine supports various location-based queries. In addition, it allows the clients to determine whether queries are completely answerable by the cache, thereby effectively avoiding unnecessary traffic over the wireless channel. In this paper, the architecture and the functionality of the CS Caching Engine are discussed. Furthermore, a tourist information application called TravelGuide powered by this cache engine is demonstrated.


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Data Management and Analytics


25th ACM SIGMOD International Conference of Management of Data (Sigmod'06)

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