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Banking institutions, along with other segments of the financial services industry, continue to face pressure for massive transformation sparked by the regional and global financial crisis. The ability to transform successfully rests on the Technology & Operations side of the business, which must be ready to step up to the task. However, while banks have been documenting their processes and operations for years, they have not attempted to do so in a systematic, integrated and usable fashion to meet education and training needs, as well as real-time, problem solving and collaboration needs for current and future Technology & Operations professionals across the global industry. To bridge this gap, the SMU-School of Information Systems (SIS) has taken the lead to develop the Unified Banking Process Framework (UBPF) in collaboration with the banking industry and technology experts. The Unified Banking Process Framework is a systematic way to understand and analyse linkages across banking products, enabling processes, technology solutions and management supervision. As illustrated below, the Unified Banking Process Framework provides coherent views organised in three broad areas of (i) Processes, Operations &Technology, (ii) Technology & Operations Management and (iii) Change Scenarios & Collaboration.


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