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Kernel machines have been shown as the state-of-the-art learning techniques for classification. In this paper, we propose a novel general framework of learning the Unified Kernel Machines (UKM) from both labeled and unlabeled data. Our proposed framework integrates supervised learning, semi-supervised kernel learning, and active learning in a unified solution. In the suggested framework, we particularly focus our attention on designing a new semi-supervised kernel learning method, i.e., Spectral Kernel Learning (SKL), which is built on the principles of kernel target alignment and unsupervised kernel design. Our algorithm is related to an equivalent quadratic programming problem that can be efficiently solved. Empirical results have shown that our method is more effective and robust to learn the semi-supervised kernels than traditional approaches. Based on the framework, we present a specific paradigm of unified kernel machines with respect to Kernel Logistic Regresions (KLR), i.e., Unified Kernel Logistic Regression (UKLR). We evaluate our proposed UKLR classification scheme in comparison with traditional solutions. The promising results show that our proposed UKLR paradigm is more effective than the traditional classification approaches.


Classification, Kernel Machines, Spectral Kernel Learning, Supervised Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Kernel Design, Kernel Logistic Regressions, Active Learning


Computer Sciences


In ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD2006)



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Pittsburgh, US