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More than 80% of organisation data are location related - the locations where transactions are done, where retailers are found, and of customers who buy their products. Since the early 2005, there has been an increasing interest among the business community to use geospatial technology to enhance decision making process at both strategic and operational levels. Millions of dollars and man-hours have been invested into driving their geo-technology development and implementation. The use of geospatial technology in business, however, tends to confine to simple mapping. Many of these failures are the victims of misperception. Some of the perpetrators are practitioners. If we can dispel persistent stereotypes of the discipline, people will then be able to discover its benefits. This presentation aims to share with you the myths of geospatial technology for business decision-making and how a deeper understanding of these salient features can help you to sail smoothly through the rough sea of geospatial driven business decision-making. The presentation will also share with you our experiences in designing and delivering geospatial driven business analytics education and training programmes at both the undergraduate and professional levels by explicitly incorporating these understanding.


Enterprise GIS, geospatial analytics.


Asian Studies | Databases and Information Systems | Geographic Information Sciences

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Data Management and Analytics


Asia Geospatial Forum, 24-26 September 2013, Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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