Observatory of Trends in Software Related Microblogs

Achananuparp Palakorn, Singapore Management University
Nelman Lubis Ibrahim, Singapore Management University
Yuan Tian, Singapore Management University
David LO, Singapore Management University
Ee Peng LIM, Singapore Management University


Microblogging has recently become a popular means to disseminate information among millions of people. Interestingly, software developers also use microblog to communicate with one another. Different from traditional media, microblog users tend to focus on recency and informality of content. Many tweet contents are relatively more personal and opinionated, compared to that of traditional news report. Thus, by analyzing microblogs, one could get the up-to-date information about what people are interested in or feel toward a particular topic. In this paper, we describe our microblog observatory that aggregates more than 70,000 Twitter feeds, captures software-related tweets, and computes trends from across topics and time points. Finally, we present the results to the end users via a web interface available at http://research.larc.smu.edu.sg/palanteer/swdev.