DIVAD: A Dynamic and Interactive Visual Analytical Dashboard for Exploring and Analyzing Transport Data

Tin Seong KAM, Singapore Management University
Ketan Dileep Barshikar, Singapore Management University
Shaun Jun Hua TAN, Singapore Management University


The advances in location-based data collection technologies such as GPS and RFID and the rapid reduction of their costs provide us with a huge and continuously increasing amount of data about movement of vehicles, people and goods in an urban area. The use of these data, however, tends to confine to simple tracking and mapping with GIS applications. There is a general lack of analysis to optimize the return of investment on the collecting and managing of these data. This explosive growth of geospatially-referenced databases has far outpaced the planner ability to interpret these data using basic GIS functions, creating an urgent need for new techniques to be incorporated into GIS that support the analyst in transforming the data into useful information and knowledge. In order to meet the analytical requirements of urban planners, we have designed and developed an interactive analytical application that has incorporated appropriate geospatial visual analytics and data mining techniques to allow planners to observe the businesses’ geographical trend over time. We demonstrate the potential of DIVAD through the use of interactive choropleth and heat maps to explore and analyze large taxi-transportation data of Singapore for different geographic and time zones.