Sketching informal animations with K-Sketch

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Conference Paper

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Animation is a powerful medium that is accessible to few, because current animation tools are extremely complex. This complexity arises partially from current tools’ focus on precise, often unnecessary details and partially from the difficulty of finding a small but sufficiently powerful set of tool features. We are designing K-Sketch, an informal 2D animation tool that uses sketching and demonstration to radically reduce the time needed to create an animation. Our field studies investigating the needs of current anima-tion tool users and would-be users are helping us to mini-mize complexity by showing us how to prioritize the many possible tool features. Our evaluations will show how well K-Sketch meets its goal of allowing novices to create a wide range of animations quickly.


Animation, sketching, pen-based user inter-faces


Software Engineering

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Software Systems


Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling

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Riverside, CA, USA

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