Social Media Analytics: Discovering insights from a connected world

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Over the last five years, the unprecedented development and use of social mediating technologies such as blog, wiki, Facebook, and Tweeter have engendered radically new ways of working, playing, and creating meaning, leaving an indelible mark on nearly every domain imaginable. Despite the growing ubiquity of social mediating technologies, their potential has hardly been tapped. Effectively using data collected from social mediating technologies by the business community is far from trivial. This is mainly due to the general lack of awareness on social media sensing, visualising and analysing techniques and technologies among the business analysts and practitioners. This presentation aims to provide participants a gentle introduction on the basic principles, concepts, and techniques of social media analytics. This is followed by live demonstration on how these concepts and techniques can be used to discover insights from data collected from social mediating technologies.


Social Media Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Business Analytics


Communication Technology and New Media | Databases and Information Systems

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Data Management and Analytics


Business Intelligence Asia-Pacific Summit 2012, 13-14 September, Singapore

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