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The volume and velocity of innovations are on the increase resulting in increased pressures on every company for attaining, retaining and increasing its market leadership. Many companies need to retool their innovation management processes to address two agility related objectives in order to survive and grow in such a rapidly changing innovation environment. The first objective would be the ability to assemble an innovation team within the shortest possible time. This can only be satisfied by companies that are capable of forming innovation teams rather quickly. The related second objective would be to reduce the I2M (Idea to Market) cycle time to rapidly convert innovation opportunities into product and service innovations and deliver them into the market place before the competition. It is important for companies to benchmark their innovation management processes with respect to these two objectives. This paper reports indexes that companies can use to measure their innovation agility.


Innovation Management, Benchmarking, Indexes, Agilit


Computer Sciences | Technology and Innovation

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Information Systems and Management


International Society for Professional Innovation Management Innovation Symposium, Wellington, New Zealand, 29 November - 2 December 2011

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Wellington, New Zealand

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