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In this information age, more and more public statistical data such as population census, household living, local economy and business establishment are distributed over the internet within the framework of spatial data infrastructure. By and large, these data are organized geographically such as region, province as well as district. Usually, they are published in the form of digital maps over the internet as simple points, lines and polygons markers limited or no analytical function available to transform these data into useful information. To meet the analytical needs of casual public data users, we contribute RIGVAT, a rich internet geospatial visual analytics tool to allow casual data users to explore and analyse these data over the internet with great user experience. We demonstrate the potential of RIGAT through the use of treemaps dynamically linked to interactive map to explore and analyse large spatio-temporal property transaction data provided by the national government agencies.


Geospatial Web Applications, GIS, RIA, Interactive Mapping


Databases and Information Systems | Geographic Information Sciences

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Data Management and Analytics


Global Spatial Data Infrastructure 12 World Conference

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