Financial Advisor Agent in A Multi-agent Financial Trading System

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Agent based technology has gained a lot of importance over recent years as is evident from the rapidly growing number of Web sites using agents. In the future, the level of automation would be such that work delegated to an agent could be accomplished by collaborating with other agents. Conventional financial trading systems alert the user based on the analysis of financial instruments based on user inputs. The authors take it a step further: an agent may initiate actions up to a limit defined by the user on the belief that in light of the analysis information available, the user would have taken the same action. The paper describes a multi agent financial trading system that helps to manage a financial portfolio by monitoring variables such as stock prices. Agents alert their owner or take autonomous actions when the information being monitored satisfies certain user-established criteria. All agents collaborate with one another to retrieve financial information, perform analysis, and take appropriate actions such as investing at the best rates trying to optimize the client portfolio.


electronic trading, financial advisor agent, multi agent financial trading system, agent based technology, Web sites, financial instruments, user inputs, analysis information, financial portfolio, stock prices, autonomous actions, user-established criteria, financial information retrieval, client portfolio


Databases and Information Systems | Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

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International Workshop on Agent-Based Information Systems (ABIS 2000), held in conjunction with the 11th International Conference on Database and Expert Systen Applications (DEXA'2000)





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