Mobile Sensing and Analytics

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The SMU Analytics for Business, Consumer and Social Insight Area of Excellence explores practical and smarter ways to make sense of data at scale, and to leverage data analytics for improved decision-making, planning and resource allocation.

Big data refers to the vast volumes of digital data swamping the globe, usually from traditional online sources, such as corporate spreadsheets, and newer social media content, such as photos, videos and text messages. There is also a new trend of using mobile devices to obtain deep data about offline, or physical world, human activities. By analysing these two sets of information, organisations can gain insights into consumer habits, boost operational efficiency and improve decision-making.

Associate Professor Archan Misra from SMU’s School of Information Systems conducts research on mobile sensing and analytics, and crowd-scale activity recognition. He is also a Director at the SMU LiveLabs Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform, a city-scale research test-bed with progressive technologies for companies to run large-scale consumer behavioural trials and experiment with novel mobile services on real people in real environments.

In this podcast, Associate Professor Misra shares his insights on the benefits of research into mobile sensing and analytics, as well as the work undertaken by LiveLabs.


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