Information, Technology and Financial Services Innovation

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Information and technology are indispensable to modern living and businesses. As the business environment evolves, new and more complex challenges will arise. The SMU School of Information Systems is helping companies tackle their business challenges that span technology, consumer behaviour and a range of social issues by building solutions with data analytics, and employing its multidisciplinary problem-solving toolkit which encompasses statistics, econometrics, data mining and machine learning.

Professor Robert Kauffman, Associate Dean of Research at SMU’s School of Information Systems, conducts research in areas such as information and competitive strategies in organisations, information systems and management, and consumer behaviour on the internet. He is also the deputy director of the Living Analytics Research Centre, or LARC, a collaboration between SMU and Carnegie Mellon University. LARC conducts research on behavioural and social network analytics and behavioural experiments to discover and harness the laws of information network evolution for networks of people, organisations and businesses.

In this podcast, Professor Kauffman shares his research on information, technology and financial services innovation, and its impact on society. This is one of the areas of financial services in which the School of Information Systems conducts research to create business, consumer and social insights through data analytics – a key Area of Excellence for SMU.


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