Determinants of Risk Perception on Internet Piracy

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This study examined how piracy is influenced by different factors such as risk judgment, optimistic bias, perception of consensus, and self efficacy. The risk is further dissected into two components – legal and social, to see the different influence each has on piracy. The results, based on a survey of a college student sample (n = 375), supported the assumption that different aspects of risk- legal and social, are distinctive in their effects on piracy. Other significant factors found include optimistic bias, perception of consensus, and self efficacy. Understanding the multidimensional nature of risk will provide a better approach to formulate anti-piracy campaign with more effective messages.


Digital piracy, risk judgements, vulnerability, false consensus effects, gender, self efficacy, optimistic bias


Business and Corporate Communications | Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Information Security

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Annual Meeting of International Communication Association

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